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Welcome to Peter's Blog

Updated: Mar 8, 2023


Hi everyone, welcome to my blog's home.

A few links to explore more and connect with me on social media:


To give you a bit of a background, back in the Summer of 2021, my friends have nudged me to create my own blog.

  • I was known among my friends to be interested in everything and just love the constant journey of learning.

  • Since then, this is something I’ve been thinking about and wanted to do once I settled down in New York which is where I’m based from now.

  • The journey to here was definitely a lot of planning and procrastinating as I wanted this passion project of mine to be able to bring value to my potential audiences while also enjoyable for me.

  • Starting a Blog and a YouTube Channel with kind of a content strategy in mind is definitely not easy.


The content on my blog will be focusing on what I care about the most:

  • Productivity tips: I’ll be talking about tools and tips from books and my own experiences on how you can maximize your productivity, building habits.

  • Later on, we can also have travel blog entries: kinda like a day in the life of a New York-er, if you will, awe-inspiring cuisines, etc.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog and hope to stay in touch!


Peter Tran

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