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📍Piggyback🥘 The Best of NYC Restaurant Week Series 2023 🌆

🍃 Vibes and Ambiance

Next up on our list we have: Asian fusion cuisine. Piggyback is created by the creators of Pig and Khao, famous for their well-seasoned pan-Asian inspired dishes. Located at walking distance from the Penn Station with views of Hudson Yards, this small but mighty hangout is perfect for busy business folks who want to take a brief lunch break and hangout. The amazing and casual service also elevates the street-food-inspired dining experience here.

I decided to come to Piggyback for a brief lunch during Restaurant Week.

🧫 Dishes

For starter: Lumpia Shanghai

For starter, I had the Lumpia Shanghai. So Lumpia is of traditional Fillipino cuisine. The fried spring rolls is filled with spiced fried beef and pork, served with traditional sweet chilli sauce. The dish is very rich in texture with a combination of generous herbs and spices. The rice paper roll is fried just right for a crunchy and starchy flavor but never burnt. The dish really lives up to expectations.

Main: Mushroom Dandan

If there’s anything I love the most about Asian cuisines, it’s noodles. Any type of noodles. So when I see Mushroom Dandan on the menu, I know that I must order it. The wheat noodles-based dish is topped with peanuts, scallion, lime and chili oil. It is definitely the right combination of rich flavors. The sauce is spicy, savory, nutty. The scallion and lime combo creates an aromatic flavor to complement the richer undertones of the sauce. The wheat noodles is cooked just right so it’s tender yet chewy. Absolutely amazing!

For a complete list of ranking, please feel free to check out my YouTube video:


Peter Tran

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