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📍Natsumi🥘 The Best of NYC Restaurant Week Series 2023 🌆

🍃 Vibes and Ambiance

Thought I’d introduce some sushi into my Restaurant Week lineup here. Natsumi is actually very close to some of my most favorite spots in Midtown. Conveniently located at walking distance from Time Squares, the crowds are usually Broadway show audiences for both a Pre-Theater and Post-Theater sushi dinner. So I’m here just for some good ‘ol sushi delicacy.

🧫 Dishes

For starter: Fish Tacos

The fish tacos consists of fried salmon covered in spicy aioli. The dish is very fresh and flavorful. Although I did hope for it to have more sauce. Right now, the components feel a bit separate to one another.

Main: Sashimi and Wolf Roll

For the main dish, I had traditional assortment of tuna and salmon sashimi and a wolf roll. The wolf roll was with spicy tuna, white tuna and tobiko.

Dessert: Mango Sorbet

And wrapping up the filling dinner, we have the classic mango sorbet. I always love having a more citrusy fruit or dish for dessert after a filling dinner just to kinda counter balance the rich content of the other courses. So this was a great way to wrap up the day for me.

For a complete list of ranking, please feel free to check out my YouTube video:


Peter Tran

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