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📍The Fulton by Jean-Georges🥘 The Best of NYC Restaurant Week Series 2023 🌆

🍃 Vibes and Ambiance

Located in Seaport, this restaurant boasts a scenic view of the East River. The Fulton is a waterfront cinematic setup by renowned french chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten is then boosted with a breath-taking interior design spanning two full floors. The menu has a wide variety of well-thought-out dishes, wild-caught seafood and cocktails. The restaurants also have a full raw bar on the second floor in the middle of the dining area where fresh seafood is on display which I thought was a great touch. definitely catered for important business meetings while also maintaining that very homey vibe for family outings. This is nothing short of breath-taking. Chef Jean-Georges has restaurants all over the world, my favorite until this point being the Jean-Georges in the Waldorf Astoria of Beverly Hills. I always get the Chef’s Tasting Menu to experience everything the restaurant has to offer. Needless to say, my expectations for the Fulton was super high and I was definitely amazed by the experience.

I went to the Fulton at sunset so the view is just more breathtaking during the golden hour.

🧫 Dishes

Cocktail: Yuzu 75

To start off, I got myself a cocktail to unwind. The Yuzu 75 is a gin cocktail with Cremant de Bourgogne (honestly did not know how to pronounce this lol), Dorothy Parker Gin and Yuzu. It’s a lighter cocktail as I anticipated seafood dishes later during dinner. The strong hints of lemon and lime from the cocktail was definitely a great choice.

For starter: Petite Seafood Plateau

What’s a waterfront experience without a selection of raw fresh seafood, am I right? This simple dish is amazingly fresh. We have Oysters, Shrimp Cocktail and a selection of Chef’s Sashimi served over a bath of ice with a variety of sauces. I have nothing else to say outside that the dish was just very fresh.

Main dish: Ume Sesame Crusted Salmon

Onto the main course: the Ume Sesame Crusted Salmon. Served over sunchokes and shellfish potage, this is a perfect combination of flavors. You got a medium soup-like sauce with fresh veggies and mushrooms to accompany a richer, more creamy rare salmon that melts as you taste it, leaving a more silky and buttery sensation. The crust layer comprised of Ume sesame is within the category of furikake which means dry Japanese condiment, and it goes perfectly with the salmon, crunchy yet just right. What I love about this dish is just the fact that every component presents its own flavor profile to the table and yet they all work very well together.

For dessert: Ice cream and Sorbet

And finally for dessert, we have a light champagne and tamarine sorbet.

For a complete list of ranking, please feel free to check out my YouTube video:


Peter Tran

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